Advance Notice & Presenters

Flo Longhorn’s final two-day Forum 2019

“The Best of British Very Special Education: Bridging the void between the past and future”

to be held at

Swiss Cottage School Conference Centre, London

28 & 29 November 2019


the ‘Bubbles Launch’ for new book

Dedicated to baby Sara, new life, and the charity New Hope Village, Western Orissa, India

Provisional presentation themes (so far ...)

  • “A very special baby – celebrating new life” – Alison Pettitt
  • “The unmeasurables: autonomy, well-being and community participation - future research” – Andrew Colley
  • “Sensory processing disorders: interoception, internal sensations and behaviours” – Becky Lyddon
  • “Pushing curriculum boundaries within a school: why, how and what” – Ellen Croft
  • “Dangers ahead! Overcoming the fear of continuing to use past established curricula in the future” – Flo Longhorn
  • “Technology – making something happen past, present and future” – Ian Bean
  • “Multi-sensory rooms: the latest state of play” – Joanna Grace
  • “The arts of serving and returning - communication and the sensory roots of learningg” – Les Staves
  • “Flip the curriculum: using the PMLD Standards to underpin curricula provision and beyond!” – Lisa Needs
  • “The significance of research in the field of SPLMD: informing good practice” – Lila Kossyvaki
  • “Functional reflex therapy: communicating through positive touch” – Lorraine Senior
  • “Mental health and well-being in education: tools to help the educator” – Nicola Harvey
  • “Intent, impact and implementation: how special schools might rise to the Ofsted challenge” – Peter Imray
  • “Sounds aloud! Watch out ears!” – Sarah Hall and Beverley Williams
  • “I've been told I can't do this ... just watch me!” – Meriel Green and the team from Chailey Heritage School
  • “Chair and wheelchair yoga” – Maria Gunstone
  • “Positive behaviours – a person centred approach” – Pablo Menendez

Workshops over the two days!

  • “Sounds OK!” – Sarah Hall, Beverley Williams and Alison Pettitt
  • “Fifty ways to use a potato” – Clare Hobson
  • “Messing around in the classroom” – Hannah Underwood
  • “Reflex therapy” – Lorraine Senior

Meet the Presenters (so far … )

(in first name alphabetical order)

    • Alison Pettitt, mother and special needs Teacher, Hillside Specialist School & College
    • Andrew Colley, post-graduate student, Wolfson College, Cambridge, and occasional lecturer, University of Suffolk, former PMLD Teacher
    • Becky Lyddon, Founder, Sensory Spectacle
    • Clare Hobson, Creative Art Teacher and Deputy Head, Ysgol Clug Glas, Swansea, Wales
    • Ellen Croft, Vice-principal, Director, Teaching School, Ash Field Academy, Leicester
    • Flo Longhorn, Author and Principal Consultant in Special and Multisensory Education, Belgium
    • Hannah Underwood, PMLD Teacher, John Fielding School, Boston, Lincolnshire
    • Ian Bean, SENict – Special Education Needs ICT and Computing
    • Joanna Grace, Author, Trainer and Originator of The Sensory Project
    • Keith Park, Author, Squeeze Box Expert and Drama Guru in Special Education
    • Lila Kossyvaki, Univ of Birmingham, School of Education, Lecturer in Severe Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
    • Les Staves, Senior Consultant and Author of Very Special Maths, Leeds
    • Lisa Needs, PMLD Teacher, Medina House School, Isle of Wight
    • Lorraine Senior, Founder, Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT)
    • Maria Gunstone, Founder, YOU & ME Yoga and Author
    • Meriel Green, Head of Seymour Department, Chailey Heritage Foundation, East Sussex - and Team
    • Nicola Harvey, Special Needs Teacher, Author, Yoga Guru, London
    • Pablo Menendez, Lead practitioner, The Garden School, Special leader in behaviour, Swiss Cottage School Research Centre
    • Peter Imray, Special Educational Training and Advice, Bedfordshire
    • Sarah Hall and Beverley Williams - Willows Sensory Service, Birmingham

Cost£180 for one day - £320 for both days

Includes: Delegates information pack, coffee/teas & lunch, free sensory book and reduced price on FPL publications.

(Discounts available for multiple staff attending the Forum).

View online the Best of British Very Special Education Programme or download it here (PDF).

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Flo Longhorn's 'Special Apps for Very Special Learners' Newsletter Update

Flo has produced two new updates to her 2012 book - "iPads, Apps and Special Learners:A-Z for Beginners" - first published in 2012, which was then followed by a series of monthly apps update newsletters from 2011 to 2016 sent to the former Information Exchange members mailing list and available from the IE Apps Alert Archive. The new updates are for May 2020 and June 2020.

We also announce that all the digital books (.pdf files) now available from Flo Publications Limited include extracts that can be downloaded from our website on the Book Sales menu option. 

Flo Longhorn's final Two-Day Forum in 2019

was a big hit and declared a success by all who attended!


 “The Best of British Very Special Education: Bridging the void between the past and future”

was held at the Swiss Cottage School in London on 28 & 29 November 2019,

attended by 88 special education Teachers, Practitioners and Researchers from 44 schools and 3 universities.


View the Best of British Very Special Education Programme online

where you can download the Speakers' presentations.

Download the full 2-day programme here (PDF) or view Best of British Very Special Education Programme online.

Our thanks to the several Volunteers who helped make the days run smoothly and efficiently!

Special thanks to the Swiss Cottage School EmployMEnt Pathway students who assisted during the Forum

Aman, Eve, Nusrath and Ikraam.


And to the staff at Swiss Cottage School who helped make this a memorable event -

Dean Howard, Arbesa Shaqiri, Roseanna Goode and Jeff!

 Well done all!

The Cutting Edge (2018)!

Flo Longhorn's two-day epic Forum was held in London on 29 and 30 November 2018, at the Swiss Cottage School Conference Centre, site of last two highly successful FPL Two-day Forums. The 2018 Forum followed the same format as previous events, with more than 20 cutting-edge special education topics bing presented by more than 20 speakers - including special education researchers, authors, teachers and practitioners. Another event not to be missed! For more information, see The Cutting Edge or download the 2-day Programme here (PDF). See the presentations at The Cutting Edge - Programme.

For more information about training opportunities from our associates, see the Resources pages, where you will find training information fromThe Sensory Projects and Sensory Spectacle, plus information on new publications from practitioners in the field of special education, including Very Special Maths by Les Staves.

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The Sensory Projects believe that with the right knowledge and a little creativity inexpensive resources can become effective tools for inclusion. The Sensory Projects provide training across the UK and consults internationally on sensory engagement and inclusion. For more information please visit The Sensory Projects or connect via social media. Learn more about Training Resources from Jo Grace.


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Sensory Spectacle creates immersive learning experiences to educate about and form a better awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Our workshops and installations give you an opportunity of experiencing first-hand how a SPD might impact your life allowing for greater awareness and understanding of auditory, visual, tactile, smell, taste, proprioceptive and vestibular difficulties. Look for more information about the Sensory Spectacle pre-planned workshops in 2020 or visit our Resources pages.