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Flo Publications Limited conducts various courses and special events throughout the year. Here is where you can learn more about what is on in 2017.



See the latest information about the "Sensory Lexiconary 2017" tour in May, by Jo Grace here: Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary 2017 Tour in May and sign up via EventBrite. Early Bird & concession tickets available so check it out today!

Experience past FPL multisensory events!

See some videos of the Royal Academy Bash held at the Royal Academy of Art in London on March 2013, including a photo montage (to music) created by Pablo Menéndez.

The overview video is here:

The photo montage is here:

See a video of 'Paper Plate Art' from the Royal Academy Bash here:

View 'Multisensory Umbrellas Everywhere' here:

Flo Publicaitons special Multisensory Events are about networking, learning, sharing - and having fun!