Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary Tour

from The Sensory Projects

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The event starts at 0930h on each day.















Event Description

Develop your sensory lexiconary and learn to use it to communicate with those who experience meaning in a primarily sensory way. 
This course will teach you about the development of seven sensory systems and show you how to select and organise sensory resources in such a way as to engage Sensory Beings in conversations, whilst also supporting their mental well being and developing their cognition. 

Everyone is welcome on these days but they are particularly suitable for:

  • People who support individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
  • People who are looking to use sensory communication with individuals in the later stages of dementia.
  • People who work with babies and children in the early years looking to develop their sensory practice.
  • Creative individuals looking to develop sensory works to engage with sensory communicators.
  • People who work in special schools or run groups that support students from special schools.
  • People with a particular interest in sensory literacy.

Feedback from Sensory Lexiconary delegates 2017
"The lives of the children I work with will be changed because I came to this today"
Children's hospice worker
"Jam packed day of stimulating, scintillating sensory expressions. ESSENTIAL!"
Special school practitioner
"This is how to share life alongside people with sensory needs"
A member of staff at National Star College
"A jaw droppingly good day. As a groupie of endless day seminars, course and conferences this was very rare"
Hospice worker
Feedback from Sensory Lexiconary delegates 2016
"Totally inspirational: No one is too disabled to have a conversation"
Anne-Marie Glasby from Changing Our Lives
"Inspired and delighted by the sensory possibilities
Circus Starr CIC
Not enough superlatives to describe the experience
Jo Bonney Support worker extraordinaire

Delegates on Lexiconaries so far have included: parents, foster carers, teachers from special and mainstream settings, portage workers, speech and language therapists, CAMHs team members, artists and actors, support workers, staff from hospital education teams, children's hospice practitioners, staff from dementia care settings, people supporting refugees and victims of trauma, people who support babies in the first months of life, staff members from CICs looking to support inclusion in society, social researchers, family members and more. I look forward to welcoming new diverse delegates in the future.