New Book - Very Special Maths by Les Staves

Les Staves bookThere is a great deal of mathematics even before numbers and this book is about much more than its title implies. It explores important aspects at the roots of life learning for PMLD - SLD and Autistic children or adults. All of them are sensory learners and some are becoming aware of practical number. This is about learning that the conventional curriculum forgot to include.

It starts at the sensory beginnings and takes a journey through aspects of play, communication and forms of thinking. It uses many examples of interaction with all kinds of very special children.

You can find the book at .

That link will also show you the eResources tab which leads on to a great deal of extra complementary online reading. It can also be found by typing 'very special maths Routledge' into your favourite search engine.

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Sensory Spectacle Workshops and Events


FEEL IT is a workshop that teaches all about Sensory Processing Disorder.

Parents, professionals and students on this workshop will learn:

- the importance of our senses,
- why we need them for learning,
- what Sensory Processing Disorder is (SPD),
- how we can recognise characteristics of SPD,
- how it might feel with our immersive environments,
- strategies and ideas to begin supporting children and adults with SPD.

This workshop can be booked as in-house training or you can book onto one of our pre-planned dates. You can book on our website here - .

Workshops coming up in 2018 are:

3 October in Newton Abbot
10 October in Cambridge
17 October in Newcastle
31 October in Reading
8 November in London
4 March 2019 in Derry, N.I.

Following on from the FEEL IT workshop is then our DO IT workshop. Check our website for more information about this.

INTERACT is an annual event that focuses on hands-on practical learning for professionals and parents to learn new skills to promote effective interaction for children and adults with additional needs who they support.

In 2018 you will learn:

- The techniques of Intensive Interaction with Janet Gurney from Us in a Bus.
- Physical Activity ideas for people with PMLD with Angela Lydon from Special Olympics.
- Benefits of laughter for well-being with Katie White from The Best Medicine.
- The best slime recipes with Sarah Hall from The Willows Sensory Service.

Join us in Newton Abbot on 4 October, Cambridge on 11 October & Newcastle on 18 October.

You can book on our website here (, or email us for an invoice to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Learning How We Feel - A conference for understanding and exploring Interoception, an internal sensory system.

On 6 November, at The Bridge School in London, we are bringing researchers and practitioners together to share the latest information and knowledge of how we can best support our interoceptive sense. Interoception informs us of when we are hungry, thirsty, tired and need the toilet.

This conference welcomes professionals, students and parents to come along. You can book directly here (

All of these workshops can be booked on our website or you can email us to book via an invoice This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Becky Lyddon
Sensory Spectacle Founder

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Training Opportunities from The Sensory Project

with Jo Grace


Jo Grace tourTraining Course summaries: 

Ambitious and Inclusive Sensory Story Telling - unpacks the wonders of sensory stories and teaches you how you can do even more with them than might first be apparent.

Sensory Engagement for Mental Well Being - teaches you simple sensory strategies you can use immediately to support mental health for people with complex disabilities.

Sensory Engagement for Sensory Beings: A Beginners Guide - is an introduction to teaching or engaging people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, ideal for anyone in their first 1-3 yrs of supporting Sensory Beings.

The Counter Intuitive Sensory Course - is for people who are experienced at supporting individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities. It will challenge you to extend what you do and invite you to become even more creative - jump into the Large Hadron Collider of Ideas!

Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary - Teaches you the development of seven sensory systems and how you can use this knowledge to better support engagement and mental well being for people with complex disabilities.

The Super Sensory Lexiconary - is a two day extravaganza of the Lexiconary covering extra senses and with fantastic guest speakers.

All of the above are suitable for parents and practitioners supporting individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Exploring the Impact the Senses have on Behaviour - does exactly what it says on the tin and is suitable for anyone supporting someone whose behaviour is impacted by their sensory experiences.

For more information, visit

 Learn more about the Sensory Lexiconary!



See information about the "Sensory Lexiconary 2018" tour in 2018, with Jo Grace here - Develop Your Sensory Lexiconary 2018 Tour - and sign up via EventBrite. Early Bird and concession tickets available so check it out today! Learn more about The Sensory Projects with Jo Grace here.

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