Approaches to Spirituality: Religious and Secular


A dip into RE, personal, social and mental health curriculum for SLD/PMLD learners

7 March 2017 - Central London


Flo Longhorn - Author of ‘RE for Very Special Children’


Anne Krisman - Resource teacher in SEN RE


A busy day of theory and lots of practical ideas on a theme that underpins good practice in any educational setting. Secular and religious education approaches will be linked to the reality of a concrete and sensory approach to spirituality for special children and students.

Topics for the course include:


     Spirituality and mental health


     Planning for experiential and spiritual RE

     Accessing the spirituality of world faiths and beliefs

     When a child dies - responses to death

     Common elements in religious and secular approaches

     Memories are made of this

     Celebrating me! A unique human person!

     Relevant resources and information

     Spiritual maps

     Assemblies that captivate

     Simple sensory sensations to reflect upon - or provoke!

     Celebrating life

     Spiritual practices from the religious to the secular

     Setting up spiritual or prayer spaces

     Roping in the community


Free CD with resources, articles and information!